Tuesday, 3 August 2010

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Monday, 2 August 2010


Summary View

Summary View gives a consolidated number of salat sorted into the Last Month, Year and Over All statistics. Its a great way to check your record and aim to become a perfect muslim and achieve success in this life.

Monthly View

Monthly View:

As seen from the above screenshot Monthly View can also be used to record/track Salat just as with Daily View (Five Salat Buttons give easy access to record salat).

Apart from that there is the monthly view which presents at a glance how many salat were offered during the month (3/5 - 3 salat were offered out of 5). Select a date on the calendar and use the five salat buttons to record salat.

Daily View

Daily View

Daily View presents a easy way to record salat on the go, use the five buttons for the five prayers neatly labeled "Fajr", "Duhr", "Asr", "Maghrib" and "Isha".

Intutive way to record Salat, just click on a salat button to record Salat offered. Click again if you want to delete the Salat.

Use the directional buttons to change the date.

Salat Tracker

Use Salat Tracker to keep yourself motivated and achieve the supreme goal of achieving 5 salats per day
Salat Tracker for iPhone gives you three views to record and track daily Salat
  1. Daily View
  2. Monthly View
  3. Summary

Daily View : Is a good way to record Salat on the go on a daily basis

Monthly View : If you want see at a glance the whole month and track salat monthly view is the best way to go. This view can also be used to record salat

Summary : Summary View gives consolidated summary of the Current Month, Last Month, Current Year and Over All Statistics. It is a great way to check your salat record and motivate yourself to achieve a better score and go ever close to "falah" Success.